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Chilham: An endearing Picture Postcard Village

Posted 20th June 2018
Stand for a moment in Chilham square with its tudor buildings and you may pretend, eyes half closed, that you are...

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Eynsford: From Romans to modern rebels, an alluring village to settle in.

Posted 31st March 2018
Eynsford is a delightful place to be, the charming High Street has a look that will captivate any new visitor....

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Ramsgate: Charming, misunderstood and seventy four minutes from London!

Posted 31st March 2018
There are four hundred and forty-three Listed buildings in Ramsgate, an incredible number and a sign that this...

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Hadlow: Home to a renowned Folly, great community and an agricultural college.

Posted 21st February 2017
The Domesday Book recorded this village as having Two Mills and Twelve Fisheries,  twelve acres of meadow and...

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Dover: Port out – Commuter Home

Posted 13th August 2016
Some towns struggle to shake off a poor image and for many people 'in the know' that can actually be a great asset....

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Canterbury: Stronghold in the Alder Swamp

Posted 15th June 2016

This is a city that has many faces, means different things to different people...

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240 Acres of joy in Bexley Borough

Posted 3rd June 2016

There's a real magic in discovering something new especially when it is a real...

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My favourite building in Kent

Posted 6th January 2016
A ripple nudges at stonework beside your feet, the wake from a duck that has hurriedly left just seconds before,...

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Kentish Tranquility.

Posted 9th October 2015
As your head turns to glance through a door way your gaze is drawn into the distance. Beyond the darkness of the...

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