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Bexhill on Sea, full of interest and fun!

Posted 16th April 2018
With a history dating back to the time of King Offa in the eighth century AD, Bexhill is an ancient town and has...

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Giverny: Monet’s obsession and inspiration.

Posted 9th July 2017
10,000 bulbs planted and lifted each year as part of a never-ending project. 10,000! I baulk at lifting any and...

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Surprises in the Emerald City

Posted 12th July 2016

Mention Seattle and some will instantly think Microsoft or Amazon, others will...

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LeMay: America’s Car Museum

Posted 12th July 2016
Rather a grand title but then this is quite a collection and somewhere everyone will find of interest! Film...

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‘A natural haven of beautifully designed gardens’

Posted 16th May 2016

Approximately four miles from the centre of Windsor town, across on the Surrey...

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Gastronomical: The cost of a trip to London

Posted 18th January 2016
I love it when I can get a more relaxed day to spend in London and when I do have the opportunity I tend to plan...

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Lights, Camera and roasted chestnuts

Posted 20th December 2015
I don't know about you but I love the festive season, however, I like to have it happen at the right time and not...

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A City of Endless Discovery

Posted 7th September 2015
You would expect any Unesco World Heritage site to be spectacular, to instantly capture your heart and provide...

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Thrills galore at Snetterton

Posted 14th August 2015
A bright August Sunday morning found us making our way to the Norfolk based race track at Snetterton. It was...

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