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Campaigning for Listed Property Owners’ rights.

Posted 22nd July 2017
A cool breeze across The Terrace at The House of Commons is a very welcome thing on a hot summers evening, so too...

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718 Boxster: Inspired design or two cylinders short of a picnic?

Posted 3rd February 2017

A very good friend of mine once said to me, '...and another great thing about Porsche,...

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A perfect start to Christmas

Posted 17th December 2016
December is always a crazily busy month in the property world and consequently I am often accused of being a 'bah-humbug'....

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LeMay: America’s Car Museum

Posted 12th July 2016
Rather a grand title but then this is quite a collection and somewhere everyone will find of interest! Film...

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The ultimate Brexit Message!

Posted 8th June 2016
Tonight we heard probably the most important Brexit statement possible! I've attended a number of Brexit talks...

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Expand your business horizons – Commonwealth Argosy

Posted 28th May 2016
$17 Billion of procurement accounts for a massive amount of interaction with SME's from the UN and the message...

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We couldn’t do it without these guys!

Posted 28th May 2016

It's one thing to have great ideas in life but it's another thing to bring them...

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Why does TTIP have so many people up in arms?

Posted 28th March 2016
DO you know what TTIP is? Embarrassingly, up until a few days ago I had no idea, I'm glad I do now but I almost...

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Why you should nominate someone for the Food and Drink Awards!

Posted 26th March 2016
It's that time of year again, a point where I get excited at the thought of discovering new businesses and delights...

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