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Expand your business horizons – Commonwealth Argosy

Posted 28th May 2016
$17 Billion of procurement accounts for a massive amount of interaction with SME's from the UN and the message...

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We couldn’t do it without these guys!

Posted 28th May 2016

It's one thing to have great ideas in life but it's another thing to bring them...

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One Man, a guitar and a captivated audience: Bryan Adams rocks!

Posted 10th May 2016
It's easy to believe Bryan Adams will be 18 'til he dies. Watch him rock his way through a gig at the O2 and there...

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Demelza Hospice Business Awards

Posted 7th May 2016
On Friday 6th May 2016 Demelza Hospice, with the Support of Natwest Bank held a black tie event to honour corporate...

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Jeff Lynne makes it the ELO2

Posted 30th April 2016
Finding myself back at the O2 for the second time in five days was a good feeling, the only hesitation, 'would...

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Muse inspire and wow the O2

Posted 29th April 2016
I would never have classed myself as a Muse fan, in fact until Starlight hit the charts and I became aware of 'Blackholes...

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Why does TTIP have so many people up in arms?

Posted 28th March 2016
DO you know what TTIP is? Embarrassingly, up until a few days ago I had no idea, I'm glad I do now but I almost...

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Why you should nominate someone for the Food and Drink Awards!

Posted 26th March 2016
It's that time of year again, a point where I get excited at the thought of discovering new businesses and delights...

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Brexit: The Questions Everyone Should Be Asking!

Posted 7th March 2016
The poll was counted and it was a fifty-fifty split decision. That was at a recent meeting where twenty-nine...

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