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Graham John is partnering with Porchlight, a local charity working in Ashford and across Kent to provide a vital lifeline for people who are homeless and vulnerable in our community.

Porchlight helps people who have nowhere to go and no-one to turn to. Some are homeless, others are struggling to cope with the pressures in their lives and need support to keep on track.

Homelessness is complicated and tackling it requires more than just providing a roof over someone’s head. Porchlight offers long term solutions so that people can develop the confidence and the skills to move towards a more positive future.

The number of people rough sleeping in Kent has drastically increased. Last year Porchlight found 707 people living on the streets, compared to 148 five years ago. This year, they’re expecting to find 1,000. These are more than just statistics; behind every number is an individual with their own unique story, struggling to survive and desperately needing help.

Support from any company, individual or community group, no matter how small, enables Porchlight to continue their services and bring more people in from the cold.

Graham John is proud to be part of the solution to homelessness and support Porchlight where possible. The company annually covers the cost of a Porchlight Team boat in the Tonbridge Town Team’s Dragon Boat Race. In addition, our Managing Director, Matt Ryde, is a Corporate Ambassador for the charity, engaging other companies and contacts with the charity and the great work they do.

You can visit our ‘Just Giving Page’ here.

For more information about Porchlight and how to get involved, visit

Did you spot Matt around Kent?

Charity has always been very important to us at Graham John. Our Managing Director Matt, has found some creative ways to raise money for a selection of charities. He’s even donned classic pilot’s gear and sauntered through the Kent countryside with the car roof down to raise awareness and a bit of a giggle…
Matt at The Wow FactoryMatt at Caroline'sMatt at Tonbridge Town TeamMatt at UFT

Graham John made selling,
moving out and moving in again
so much easier
Graham John found
Oscar's new
favourite spot
Graham John understood
exactly what I wanted
and found it for me
Graham John got us
the perfect place to
relax with the kids
Graham John found us
the playroom, and the kids
have already made it their own



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