International Property Expertise

In our eyes, an agent is not complete unless it has some manner of international outlook to compliment their local and national expertise.

That’s the way we see ourselves – despite Kent and the South East being our centre of gravity, we see the world as our oyster. If clients abroad would like to move to the UK (or back to the UK), we can introduce them to some of the most beautiful areas of the country and help them get settled into the way of life here in the Garden of England.

Conversely, if a client asks for help with moving abroad our AIPP accreditation means that we can put them in touch with foreign agents that we know will give them a top class service.

Whether you’re selling or buying, an agent with an international outlook can offer much more than an agent purely focused on their particular region.

Below is a selection of AIPP guides if you’d like some more information on international property…
How to buy overseas property safely
Guide to UK pension changes & buying
Guide to buying a property in Spain
Getting the right Legal Advice

Know before you go!

Make sure you read up on the government’s foreign travel advice before you go abroad to ensure your safety and health.

Our International properties...

For sale

Spain349,000 €

An opportunity to shape your future, the home you will live in and to craft a life in the sun, one surrounded by olives and grapes!

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Graham John made selling,
moving out and moving in again
so much easier
Graham John found
Oscar's new
favourite spot
Graham John understood
exactly what I wanted
and found it for me
Graham John got us
the perfect place to
relax with the kids
Graham John found us
the playroom, and the kids
have already made it their own



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