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Welcome to the GJ Journal.

This blog will be home to all our thoughts, musings and opinions on life and property. You'll find hints, tips, forecasts and commentary to keep you up to date with what's going on in the housing market, as well as recommendations for days out, dog walks, schools, pubs and everything in between.

Your July Make Life Special Challenge

Posted 1st July 2024
July in Britain brings us the Wimbledon Finals and Strawberries are synonymous with the event; at this iconic event,...

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A June Make Life Special Challenge for you

Posted 30th May 2024
We love talking about the weather in this country, probably because we get so much of it, that's part of being...

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A Make Life Special Challenge for May

Posted 30th April 2024
Constructed in 1813 to help lure affluent passengers to the island by avoiding an unpleasant disembarkation, Ryde...

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Our April ‘Make Life Special’ Challenge for you!

Posted 28th March 2024
It's good to know that doing something for yourself can also be doing something special for other people! We're...

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Get a March on for this months challenge!

Posted 29th February 2024
This month we challenge you to join the 20 million visitors, including six million members, who enjoy the wonderfully...

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A New Year, a lost Star and a trip back in time.

Posted 13th February 2024
Darkness embraced us as we stepped away from the lights of Tottenham Court Road. A breeze blew and swirled a crumpled...

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Xin nian kuai le (Happy New Year)

Posted 10th February 2024
Do something special, something physical, to celebrate Chinese New Year, Saturday 10th...

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Chartham: birthplace of our oldest brewer!

Posted 2nd February 2024
What draws people to Chartham? A beautiful City full of history is on the doorstep, a train station to Charing...

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A February Make Life Special Challenge and food is in focus!

Posted 1st February 2024
Thirty men on a pitch and you know food is a big thing for them. Fear not, this month's challenge isn't to eat...

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