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Post Brexit: Why most property commentators have got it wrong!

Posted 21st July 2016
Apparently, according to many property commentators, it seems the market is in decline due to the referendum result,...

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What will the referendum mean for house prices?

Posted 5th May 2016
If you're thinking, 'what referendum?' at this point, then shame on you and please exit your cave into the daylight. On...

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Agents Mutual/On The Market: A Knight’s Tale

Posted 23rd February 2016
Firmly placed to champion the cause of the poor downtrodden estate agents of the land, Sir Galahad Springett came...

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The Property Industry is Having the Wrong Debate!

Posted 20th February 2016
I absolutely love my Profession, I'm not so fond of the Industry. I've said that for years and I find myself...

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Kent’s Property Hotspots

Posted 16th December 2015
Kent is the ‘Garden of England’ and the apple of many a property buyers eye but where should you cherry pick...

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The Listed Property Show 2015

Posted 9th March 2015
The Listed Property Show is a great opportunity for owners of period homes to meet a variety of experts first hand...

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So you want a career in Estate Agency!

Posted 9th February 2015
Do a search online for most hated professions and ours will rank right up there alongside Politicians, Bankers,...

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The Perfect Valuation Equation.

Posted 9th February 2015
The Valuation Equation: It sounds like an episode title from The Big Bang Theory doesn’t it? Through nearly...

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Property Portals: how to miss your dream home!

Posted 9th February 2015
One thing I’ve never quite understood is, why do I never listen to my own advice? Take this example. My wife...

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