Hi, I’d like to introduce you to four people who can change your world and afterwards I’m going to ask ‘will you follow path A, B, C, D or E?’

Imagine you are walking down a street, it may be from a car park to your office, from train station to work, from car to school gate, just imagine the following happens.

A stranger walks up to you, touches you gently on the forearm and says; ‘invest all your spare money in this tech start up, you’ll make millions’, the stranger gives you their name, a phone number and says, ‘ring this number you can invest through them, tell them I introduced you’.

Shortly afterwards another stranger catches your eye; ‘I have to tell you this; Hum Drum will win the next Grand National at five hundred to one, you have to place a bet now while the odds are so high! This is my name, here’s a number, place your bet now and tell them I introduced you’.

Just as you’re absorbing that piece of insight another person sidles up and says, ‘I’m the most amazing financial controller in the world and I make millions for my clients handling their day to day banking and investments. Here’s my name and number I bet I can make you even richer than you are now.’

Finally  a fourth person approaches and says, ‘I don’t know how to tell people this but the world will cease to be on the thirty-first of August next year! Here’s my name, everyone will know I tell the truth’

Will you:

A. Ignore them out of hand as all lunatics.

B. Invest as much money as possible in the tech start up, place a bet on the grand national, employ the financial controller and book the most amazing series of parties, holidays and events with those you love running up to the thirty first of August next year.

C. Go onto the internet and research each individual person before deciding whether to trust them.

D. Go to the Internet, research the person and also research the topic they are discussing to get more background information before deciding on what to do.

E. Go to the Internet, research the person and also research the topic they are discussing to get more background information before deciding on what to do. Then contact friends, those close to you and speak to a few people you feel are experts in each field.

I hope as a minimum we would all do D and prefer all would do E. (I’ll forgive you for choosing A and you may choose D or E with it).

There is so much going on in our world today too much that is creating a huge amount of noise and confusion.

So many strangers are coming up and touching you on the sleeve, via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Insta, Tik Tok, Youtube and in the general press, please take time to research, ask questions, analyse and reflect. We are drawn to bad news and if we wrap ourselves up in negativity that is what our world becomes.

Please don’t ignore what is happening to the ‘global economy’ but gather information and don’t be swayed by opinion. Listen to opposing viewpoints, question them and decide for yourself what is real to you, to your life, your situation.

Let me leave you with a few questions:

When did you buy your home?

If property prices don’t rise in the next year, how disadvantaged will you be?

If property prices moved back to where they were in June 2021, how disadvantaged will you be?

What has been the change in property prices over the last five, ten, fifteen and thirty years?

If you are wanting to buy a home what would you like property prices to do, short term and long term?

How many people buy a home during each year?

How many people don’t sell their home each year?

Gather information, get perspective make balanced decisions and do get in touch if you’d like some insights from us.

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