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Into 2024 A January ‘Make Life Special’ Challenge

Posted 31st December 2023

To watch a sunrise is an amazing experience and I never ever tire of how I feel when I do.

Each New Years...

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Advent Challenge 25: Funniest memory from the year? Ask each family member, perhaps even make a video of them all

Posted 25th December 2023

Merry Christmas!

Please have a fantastic day. It can be stressful, frustrating and tiring but it is a...

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Advent Challenge 24: Draw the kids a bubble bath by candlelight with Christmas tunes playing on the stereo

Posted 24th December 2023

Draw the kids a bubble bath!

I'm not going to go anywhere near telling you how to draw a bubble bath...

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Advent Challenge 23: Make some personal and family New Years goals

Posted 23rd December 2023

What will you do in 2024 to 'Make Life Special'?

I bet there is something about which you have said,...

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Advent Challenge 22: Choose your favourite photos for a family yearbook

Posted 22nd December 2023

How many photographs do you have on your phone?

How often do you properly look through your photos and...

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Advent Challenge 21: Have a funny Christmas photo shoot (80’s Christmas sweaters_!)

Posted 21st December 2023

When did Christmas jumpers become a thing?

Oh the 1980's! So much to answer for... What began innocently...

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Advent Challenge 20: Have a living room dance party to a fun Christmas album

Posted 20th December 2023

Everyone I know has a favourite Christmas Song  even if they don't let on.

I have lots of favourites. How...

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Advent Challenge 19: Say hello to a neighbour

Posted 19th December 2023

Where do I know that face from?

Have you ever been out somewhere, seen a face pass by perhaps with a...

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Advent Challenge 18: Make (or draw inside) thank you cards that are ready to be filled out after Christmas

Posted 18th December 2023

This is another great way to occupy children with something creative.

Do you experience a little buzz...

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