It’s one thing to have great ideas in life but it’s another thing to bring them to fruition.

Those who know me will have heard me wax lyrical about The Wow Factory. Based in the heart of Kent, the beating, pulsating and sometimes throbbing (when Clubbers  keys the engine over on the latest automotive toy) village of Charing, specifically Elizabeth Quinn Business Centre, Pluckley Road, Charing, Ashford, TN27 0AH, these guys take visions and make them real.

The process of getting ready to launch Graham John was a long one, exciting and challenging. I’m colour blind for a start so just trying to picture logos, colours etc was incredibly difficult personally. Old friends came to the rescue and Simon, that one of a kind man known to all as ‘Clubbers’ and his trusty crew stepped up and made my dream turn into something tangible and most rewarding.

From day one people commented on the branding, the marketing and I am so lucky that the team totally understand my vision and goals for the company. I imagine, I feel, and I sense, those things drive me with a passion but it was only when I first saw Emma’s visualisations for Graham John that I realised just how powerful the brand and concept behind it were. It was incredible how she and the team could grasp in moments what I had spent nearly thirty years shaping and planning.

The Wow Factory are with me all the way, guiding me at every level, listening understanding, supporting and suggesting. You can sense who and what they are through all the marketing designs and get see a little more take a peek at their website and the profile for Graham John, oh and if you need anything else to convince you why to talk to them, have a read of my LinkedIn article – Four Hours Late and He Got the Business! How many people could do that?

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