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A November Make Life Special Challenge

Posted 1st November 2023
This month I want to bring back a little magic from my youth and for some of you perhaps, depending upon your age,...

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Margate: A beach hut and a Covent Garden boy; how a seaside town found fame!

Posted 26th October 2023
Margate is... many things to many people. What was once a humble fishing village became a popular destination...

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Northfleet: ‘a paper-making town of some personality’.

Posted 25th October 2023
Northfleet may be somewhere not everyone is familiar with yet it has existed since Roman times and through the...

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From Newcastle to Canterbury, by way of Herne Bay!

Posted 18th October 2023
From Newcastle to Canterbury, by way of Herne Bay! Herne Bay's coastal location and proximity to Canterbury,...

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An October ‘Make Life Special’ Challenge

Posted 28th September 2023
Shoe lace or piece of string, which did you use? I can remember the intense concentration of making a hole through...

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Polo, drizzle and a Cup

Posted 19th September 2023
"Drizzle is a wonderful word..." a phrase that emanated from the lips of the commentator on Sunday 31st July 2023...

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Once the largest city in Europe, now an intimate delight!

Posted 18th September 2023
The sun shines down on an April morning. The scent of orange blossom tantalises upon a soft warm breeze. Egrets...

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A September ‘Make Life Special’ Challenge

Posted 4th September 2023
From Summer Solstice celebrations to Pride Week in Wales, or from Jane Austen Regency Week in Hampshire to the...

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Bartmann and the hearth

Posted 4th September 2023
Mention 'Bartmann' and many people will instantly conjure a picture of Bart Simpson's alter ego. Matt Groening's...

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