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A September ‘Make Life Special’ Challenge

Posted 4th September 2023
From Summer Solstice celebrations to Pride Week in Wales, or from Jane Austen Regency Week in Hampshire to the...

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An August ‘Make Life Special’ Challenge

Posted 1st August 2023
August provides a Bank Holiday weekend each year; the date is Monday 28th for 2023 if you are wondering. A long...

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A July ‘Make Life Special’ Challenge

Posted 11th July 2023
July in Britain brings Wimbledon and Strawberries are synonymous with the event; just there 1.92 million are consumed...

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A May ‘Make Life Special’ challenge for you! (2.5 Billion people adore this!)

Posted 28th April 2023
The chances are you unwittingly refer to England's National Sport on a regular basis. Do you ever find yourself...

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An April ‘Make Life Special’ Challenge for you!

Posted 5th April 2023
We're quite rightly told and reminded that spending time with nature is not only good for our souls but great for...

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A March ‘Make Life Special’ Challenge for you!

Posted 1st March 2023
This month we decided to give you an easy challenge but one with exceptional benefits on numerous levels. March...

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A February ‘Make Life Special’ challenge for you!

Posted 1st February 2023
This month we have a culinary challenge ahead of us to celebrate the Six Nations Rugby! We love cooking different...

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A January ‘Make Life Special’ Challenge for you!

Posted 6th January 2023
Hi, Happy New Year! I'm going to share a simple and fun challenge, one I first set myself a few years ago and...

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