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What is a normal market?

Posted 25th October 2022
What is a normal market? It is a question that seems to be rarely asked, certainly rarely discussed in the press....

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What constitutes a healthy market?

Posted 16th October 2022
It isn't too difficult to describe what constitutes a healthy market yet people rarely do because it is subjective...

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Four people who can change your world!

Posted 7th October 2022
Hi, I'd like to introduce you to four people who can change your world and afterwards I'm going to ask 'will you...

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Ten key questions to understand where the property market is heading.

Posted 1st October 2022
What is going on with the property market? Should I buy? Should I sell? Will it crash? Will I be safe? (Below I'll...

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What is the real prognosis for the property market post Covid-19?

Posted 14th April 2020
In a world that lives with social media and consumes bitesize chunks of information faster and in larger quantities...

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Property Sales: What do changing numbers mean for you?

Posted 18th November 2019
Within the industry press and in the general media there is an air of doom and gloom about the property market...

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Post Brexit: Why most property commentators have got it wrong!

Posted 21st July 2016
Apparently, according to many property commentators, it seems the market is in decline due to the referendum result,...

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What will the referendum mean for house prices?

Posted 5th May 2016
If you're thinking, 'what referendum?' at this point, then shame on you and please exit your cave into the daylight. On...

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Agents Mutual/On The Market: A Knight’s Tale

Posted 23rd February 2016
Firmly placed to champion the cause of the poor downtrodden estate agents of the land, Sir Galahad Springett came...

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