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Extending My Home – How Much Money will I Make?

Posted 28th May 2015
Through the years we have sat down with so many people who are tackling the dilemma of choosing whether to move...

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When Should I Sell?

Posted 16th May 2015
There are patterns of activity in the property market, times when more property will likely come up for sale, when...

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Preparing Your Home: The Little Things That Matter

Posted 13th May 2015
When you are getting ready to sell your home there will be so many things rushing through your head. Life doesn't...

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Preparing your Home: The Bathroom Awaits

Posted 13th May 2015
Bathrooms; possibly the second most important room in the house and incredibly varied in style and décor. What...

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Preparing Your Home: Up To The Bedroom

Posted 13th May 2015
Bedrooms, often a topic of humour especially where teenagers are concerned. How important is the presentation when...

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Preparing Your Home: Into The Kitchen

Posted 12th May 2015
The Kitchen: Arguably the most important room of the house and the most varied! Once upon a time a Kitchen was...

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Preparing Your Home: Past The Front Gate

Posted 13th April 2015
When people are thinking of selling their attention tends to turn to the question of 'What will people think of...

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Preparing Your Home: Through The Front Door

Posted 8th April 2015
Viewing someone else’s home is a daunting business for most home buyers. To get to this point they’ve spent...

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Preparing Your Home: Where To Begin

Posted 18th March 2015
The simple answer is begin at the beginning; the first place on the tour and that starts at the front gate. Few...

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