It’s your home and when you come to sell it a lot of things are bound to be running through your mind.

Most people have a trigger in their life that prompts the thought of moving. It can be any number of things, the need for more space, to downsize, to get near a particular school, change area for a new job or promotion, the list goes on.

The thing about moving home is that few people do it without another pressure in their life weighing upon them. Selling your home is stressful, in thirty years I have found very few people who say it isn’t.

There is a plethora of advice nowadays about the important considerations when looking to market your home. Timing of marketing, preparing your home for visitors, you’ll find many useful articles elsewhere in our journal with lots of great advice.

There is one thing that is most important and isn’t often discussed. It can be the key to whether your move is a smoother one or fraught with pressure. It’s something that a surprising number of people fail to do, I’m not always sure why. It may be for some a nervousness, it may be a very English thing or it may be because some people are not confident in their chosen estate agent. It may just be that many in the industry don’t think to engage their clients fully in conversation.

For me the most important consideration for anyone selling their home is to have a frank and open discussion with their estate agent about the move ahead. It is possible to tailor the way a home is marketed to suit the individual client and everyone should seriously consider what they want to have happen once they decide to sell.

The things you should be talking to your agent about are your fears and concerns for the move. Discuss what you hope to achieve and when. Talk through the different scenarios of what may affect decisions you make. Have you found your dream home already? If you haven’t, how easy will it be to find somewhere?

Talk about not only when to market but how. There are different ways to approach prospective purchasers.

At Graham John we believe in listening to our clients and our buyers, in finding out what drives their search and how soon they need to move. Matching people to their new homes isn’t just about finding a property that fits the description, it’s also about finding a home where the owners timescale matches the buyers.

Our role is to plan how best to put a client in a position of securing a home without ruining their chances of getting the best price. Our role is to avoid wasting people’s time, we don’t do things to make a show, we often walk the harder road in order to get a more satisfactory result for our client.

Choosing that road comes from listening, paying attention and caring. We aim to make everyone a client for life, someone who, when they next need to think about moving, however far in the future that is, will have an easy decision about choosing which agent to call and talk to.

So, if you are thinking about selling your home please remember,  the most important consideration is to talk openly with your estate agent, to plan as best you can how you want the process of selling your home to work and to put yourself in control of your sale.

There are plenty of other things to think about when selling but as with all things, build a strong foundation and the rest becomes easier.

If you have a home that you are thinkng of selling, call us on +44 (0)1303 474101 to discuss how our bespoke marketing can help you make the right move. If it’s easier for you, register via our website, tell us a little about what you want to discuss and we’ll call you.

Please remember, we work all around the country and even outside of the UK we can help.


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