Everyone I know has a favourite Christmas Song  even if they don’t let on.

I have lots of favourites.

How about a favourite Christmas Album? There are scores upon scores of Christmas Albums out there, compilations, individual artists, medieval music to heavy metal!

Each year we get treated to new albums, reworkings of old favourites and many new intriguing and fun’

I do believe in ‘Fires at Midnight’ and hope you all have a ‘Mele Kalikimaka’. Do remember, as Ian Anderson sang, ‘Christmas Spirit is not what  you drink’!

Keep dancing!

Entertainment Weekly – The 25 best Christmas albums of all time

Vox – Why do artists keep making holiday albums?

A very Special Christmas

Special Olympics

Do let us know how you get on, share with us on social media (you’ll find links on the right hand side of this page or at the bottom on mobile). We’d love to hear from you, to see some pictures and by all means share ideas for next year. We already have a growing list we couldn’t fit into this challenge.

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