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Lunch with a British Icon

Posted 27th May 2022
Food is something of a passion and definitely a source of pleasure so, whenever I'm in London, it's hard to pass...

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The battle of Tonbridge: A very civil war

Posted 20th May 2018
During the Bank Holiday weekend of 5th and 6th May 2018 Tonbridge Castle played host to The English Civil War Society....

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Why you should nominate someone for the Food and Drink Awards!

Posted 26th March 2016
It's that time of year again, a point where I get excited at the thought of discovering new businesses and delights...

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Gastronomical: The cost of a trip to London

Posted 18th January 2016
I love it when I can get a more relaxed day to spend in London and when I do have the opportunity I tend to plan...

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Celebrating Kent’s Finest Food and Drink

Posted 19th October 2015
It's the evening of Thursday 15th October 2015 and there is a buzz about the room, anticipation of a great meal...

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Wye: Kentish Tranquility.

Posted 9th October 2015
As your head turns to glance through a door way your gaze is drawn into the distance. Beyond the darkness of the...

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Kent’s Largest Farmers Market

Posted 26th June 2015
There is something exquisitely enticing about the thought of visiting a farmers market. If you've travelled abroad...

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Bologna – La Grassa

Posted 16th May 2015
Bologna ranks high on our list of favourite cities. It is easy to fall in love with, hard to leave and simple to...

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Kent Life Food Awards with Kent on Sunday

Posted 28th April 2015
Kent has a rich farming heritage and fantastic traditions for food, it is intertwined at every level in the county...

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