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A New Year, a lost Star and a trip back in time.

Posted 13th February 2024
Darkness embraced us as we stepped away from the lights of Tottenham Court Road. A breeze blew and swirled a crumpled...

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Xin nian kuai le (Happy New Year)

Posted 10th February 2024
Do something special, something physical, to celebrate Chinese New Year, Saturday 10th...

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A February Make Life Special Challenge and food is in focus!

Posted 1st February 2024
Thirty men on a pitch and you know food is a big thing for them. Fear not, this month's challenge isn't to eat...

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Advent Challenge 12: Make a gingerbread house

Posted 12th December 2023

Apparently December 12th is National Gingerbread House Day!

Who decided that and why? We don't mind,...

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Advent Challenge 8: Invite a few friends over for a cookie decorating party

Posted 8th December 2023

Decorating cookies!

You may want to try some

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An August ‘Make Life Special’ Challenge

Posted 1st August 2023
August provides a Bank Holiday weekend each year; the date is Monday 28th for 2023 if you are wondering. A long...

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A July ‘Make Life Special’ Challenge

Posted 11th July 2023
July in Britain brings Wimbledon and Strawberries are synonymous with the event; just there 1.92 million are consumed...

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Island Life on the Kent coast.

Posted 2nd February 2023
Once upon a time this area was known as The Isles of Sheppey; Harty, Elmley and Sheppey were separated by channels...

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A January ‘Make Life Special’ Challenge for you!

Posted 6th January 2023
Hi, Happy New Year! I'm going to share a simple and fun challenge, one I first set myself a few years ago and...

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