Decorating cookies!

You may want to try some Gingerbread hot chocolate before, during or afterwards!

You have choices ahead of you. The one we’d prefer you pass by is to buy christmas cookies ready prepared and decorated; yes there are lovely ones out there but this is a ‘Make Life Special’ challenge.

Next you can buy plain cookies and then decorate them yourself; the most fun is to make cookies and decorate them!

  1. Royal icing is made from lightly beaten egg whites (you can make custard, mayonnaise, carbonara etc with any spare egg yolks) and sugar. Some add lemon or lime to the mix and colourings can be added too depending upon your plan for decorating.
  2. Piping bag
  3. Trays
  4. Baking parchment
  5. Cookie cutters (you can go freehand, be careful with knives of course)
  6. Rolling pin
  7. small bowls
  8. Spoons for mixing
  9. Small paint brushes and toothpicks for spreading icing
  10. Food Colouring
  11. Sprinkles
  12. Patience

We’ve given you some links below with decorating and recipe ideas. Have fun!

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BBC Zimtsterne (Cinnamon star cookies)

BBC Easy gingerbread recipe for kids

Edible Noughts and Crosses

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Jamie Oliver gluten free gingerbread

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BBC Gluten Free Christmas Cookies

BBC Vegan Christmas Cookie Recipe

Gingerbread hot chocolate

Let us know how you get on, share with us on social media (you’ll find links on the right hand side of this page or at the bottom on mobile). We’d love to hear from you, to see some pictures and by all means share ideas for next year. We already have a growing list we couldn’t fit into this challenge.

Please continue to follow our Advent Challenge here


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