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Get a March on for this months challenge!

Posted 29th February 2024
This month we challenge you to join the 20 million visitors, including six million members, who enjoy the wonderfully...

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After 38 years I’m still waiting!

Posted 23rd January 2024
'What is going to happen to property prices? Should I buy now or wait?' Those two questions are the ones most...

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Into 2024 A January ‘Make Life Special’ Challenge

Posted 31st December 2023

To watch a sunrise is an amazing experience and I never ever tire of how I feel when I do.

Each New Years...

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Advent Challenge 12: Make a gingerbread house

Posted 12th December 2023

Apparently December 12th is National Gingerbread House Day!

Who decided that and why? We don't mind,...

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Advent Challenge 3: Have fun writing Christmas cards

Posted 3rd December 2023

There's fun in writing Christmas cards

For me magic is a feeling forming in my heart, my head turning...

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Advent Challenge 2: Decorate the tree

Posted 2nd December 2023

We have a ritual each year that revolves around decorating the Christmas Tree.

It's a simple ritual that...

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Margate: A beach hut and a Covent Garden boy; how a seaside town found fame!

Posted 26th October 2023
Margate is... many things to many people. What was once a humble fishing village became a popular destination...

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From Newcastle to Canterbury, by way of Herne Bay!

Posted 18th October 2023
From Newcastle to Canterbury, by way of Herne Bay! Herne Bay's coastal location and proximity to Canterbury,...

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Posted 3rd June 2023
The A259 starts it's eastward coastal journey from Emsworth in Hampshire, just within The Chichester Harbour Area...

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