There’s fun in writing Christmas cards

For me magic is a feeling forming in my heart, my head turning it into thought. Thought becomes gentle motion as my arm moves rhythmically guiding a fountain pen. That feeling and thought flow through ink to be absorbed into a piece of paper.

That piece of paper is folded and placed within an envelope, deposited within a letter box, collected and transported to another place.

The recipient opens that envelope, holds that letter and feeling and thought flow from paper to person in a wonderful exchange that, for me, digital communication can never quite match.

We live in a digital world that connects us with people instantly, easily and in some ways less meaningfully.

Writing has benefits to our wellbeing.

Todays advent challenge is to write Christmas Cards and have fun doing it.

You may make your own cards, how special is it to receive something hand made! (potato stamps?) You may print them, decorate them, search shops for unusual, unique ones, pick something  particular to the person you are sending it to.

Think of the message, that’s also what matters, consider how it feels to know someone took time to pause their life, to put thought and feeling to paper, to send it and in receiving it, know you are special.

Make Life Special for them and for you.

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Do let us know how you get on, share with us on social media (you’ll find links on the right hand side of this page or at the bottom on mobile). We’d love to hear from you, to see some pictures and by all means share ideas for next year. We already have a growing list we couldn’t fit into this challenge.

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