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Advent Challenge 13: Donate £1 to a charity

Think of a different charity!

Todays challenge is to donate £1.00 to a charity you wouldn’t normally support but you’d like to. If you do, please let us know, if you’re happy to, tell us which charity, please comment below or even share this to our Facebook Page or via other social media and help give a shout out to the charity.

How many times in a year does someone mention a charity to you and you think, ‘wow that’s a great cause, but I already support…’?

We all have at least one charity that is meaningful to us, special, one that has a relevance to an aspect of our life. There are so many that are our ‘I’d love to support them’ charities.

I wonder how many ‘pounds’ we can get donated?

The likelihood is that you are aware of many, International ones, National, Regional and local. The Charity Commission for England and Wales alone shows 184,041 registered charities.

If you want to check a charity is genuine find them on the registers:

Charity Commission for England and Wales

Scottish Charity Register

Do let us know how you get on, share with us on social media (you’ll find links on the right hand side of this page or at the bottom on mobile). We’d love to hear from you, to see some pictures and by all means share ideas for next year. We already have a growing list we couldn’t fit into this challenge.

Please continue to follow our Advent Challenge here

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  1. Great ! Easy to donate £1 on Nectar Account – points accumulated by shopping wiseley
    £1 off to Children in Need
    Have a great day

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