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Our April ‘Make Life Special’ Challenge for you!

Posted 28th March 2024
It's good to know that doing something for yourself can also be doing something special for other people! We're...

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Get a March on for this months challenge!

Posted 29th February 2024
This month we challenge you to join the 20 million visitors, including six million members, who enjoy the wonderfully...

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Advent Challenge 21: Have a funny Christmas photo shoot (80’s Christmas sweaters_!)

Posted 21st December 2023

When did Christmas jumpers become a thing?

Oh the 1980's! So much to answer for... What began innocently...

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Advent Challenge 17: Go for a walk, or drive, to see Christmas lights

Posted 17th December 2023

Enjoy the Christmas lights near you!

I really enjoy walking around our village of a December evening...

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Advent Challenge 14: Buy a small gift for a child in the long-term care wing of the children’s ward, and bring a bouquet of flowers for his/her mother

Posted 14th December 2023

Before anyone says it, yes many hospitals don't allow flowers anymore!

There can be restrictions on what...

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Advent Challenge 13: Donate £1 to a charity

Posted 13th December 2023

Think of a different charity!

Todays challenge is to donate £1.00 to a charity you wouldn't normally...

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Advent Challenge 6: Find a gift to give to a charity

Posted 6th December 2023

What were your favourite childhood gifts?

We all have memories of something special, a toy, a book, a...

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Advent Challenge 5: Serve a meal together as a family at a local homeless shelter

Posted 5th December 2023

The Department of Levelling up released statistics on 13th October 2023 stating that '157,640 households were...

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10,000 miles of signed paths and routes for walking, wheeling, cycling and exploring outdoors!

Posted 11th April 2023
10,000 miles, that's almost from Sydney Australia to New York. There is a UK wide network of  over 10,000 miles...

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