December is always a crazily busy month in the property world and consequently I am often accused of being a ‘bah-humbug’. My mind is focussed on exchanges and completions and all that needs to be prepared for the new year. I do love christmas and the festive feel, however I tend to insist on it starting the, in my mind, obligatory twelve days before christmas.

This year was a little different and in a wonderful way. By seeming chance I found out that Cara Dillon was playing at The Gulbenkian Theatre at the University of Kent in Canterbury. She is an Irish folk singer with one of the most incredible voices I have heard. I missed her last visit to Canterbury and so resolved I would see her this time. Having found out that she was showcasing her christmas album made it much easier to convince my wife, who is not known for being a fan of folk music, to come along.

For those of you who don’t know the Gulbenkian, it is a small theatre with wonderful acoustics, perfect for intimate performances and they host some incredible talent. Take a peek at their website and keep an eye out for upcoming shows, there is always something to catch your imagination.

On the 30th November we were treated to a magical start to the christmas season. Simply but very effectively lit, the stage scenery instantly got you into the festive mood. Cara glided out onto stage and then that incredible voice began to woo the audience. I always love when an artist sounds every bit as perfect live as they do on recording. Perhaps the real magic of her christmas album is that it sounds like the live music and the stage production is flawless.

Talent and passion for music was in evidence from every person there on stage playing. along with a charm and humour to the banter amongst the band which includes Cara’s husband Sam Lakeman.

There is an incredible power to this ladies voice, a beguiling quality that reaches inside you and triggers emotion. Every time I hear songs from her first album particularly I feel something catch inside, to hear her live was such an incredible experience. The songs beautifully capture the festive spirit and for the first time in many years I found myself looking forward to Christmas long before my usual twelve day deadline.

Thank you to the Gulbenkian, an incredible band and a wonderful lady with an exceptional voice, Christmas will be very wonderful due to you all.

Cara Dillon

The Gulbenkian

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