It is a well-known fact that the Kitchen and the Bathroom are the two most important rooms in the house for viewers.

I think it is quite safe to say that over the last thirty-one years I have however never heard the following phrase escape the lips of a prospective purchaser.

‘Lumme darling! Look at the gleam from that delightful ‘Crapper’! We must secure this fine abode instantly!’

I assume that in admitting such a thing I place myself amongst a small minority within my industry for, based upon the number of toilets gracing the much browsed pages of Zoopla and Rightmove, I deduce a large number of agents do hear such upon a regular basis.

What am I missing?

The English have a long history with the flushing toilet. Wikipedia tells me that the first one was invented at the end of the 16th Century. By young Mr Crapper’s time, the Victorian era, it was all about improving and refining the sanitary ware and apparently he was pretty good at that. Several Royal Warrants later and Mr Crapper was a household name and much-loved for it ever since.

Kitchens SELL homes! Bathrooms HELP sell homes and I stress ‘BathROOMS’. Let the toilet pan fade into the background please, unless it is a particularly decorative or rare item worthy of mention and even then, think carefully how to photograph it if at all!

Dear reader, if your home is currently on the market have you taken a look at the images your agent is sharing of your home? I hope you have and the picture list is devoid of toilet shots, seat up (Oh dear!) or down.

One chance to make a first impression!

What are the features that really make your home stand out? Is that toilet really the best thing the agent can come up with?

I sometimes wonder if the owner has done something to upset their agent when the humble w c hoves into view on the photo carousel.

Your home is special!

If you care about finding the right buyer, about achieving the best price and about selling in a timely fashion that suits your needs then you and, more importantly, your agent need to consider very carefully every aspect of presentation. The devil is in the detail and agents should care about marketing. I’m not suggesting for one moment that you’ll lose a sale because your toilet is being paraded in front of the whole world, but really, why share that shot?

I talk often with people about the benefits of home staging, of choosing where and what to photograph carefully. It’s not uncommon for us at Graham John to organise more than one photo shoot of a home. Where does the Sun rise and set? How are the rooms affected during the day. Sometimes there is a benefit especially to capture a view.

Think long and hard about how you will show your home. Those who plan and prepare usually achieve the best results. Those who take a ‘that’ll be ok for now’ attitude will probably pay for it, often unknowingly.

One of my favourite Interior Designers is Julie Stevens from Younique Designs. When you talk to a professional you suddenly become aware of whole new layers of detail and the impact they can have. Think, Plan, Prepare and be successful.

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Catchpole and Rye of Pluckley produce some stylish sanitary ware and you can find out more here.

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There are endless choices for all styles and budgets of course and the internet will bring many more companies to your desktop.




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