Thirty men on a pitch and you know food is a big thing for them.

Fear not, this month’s challenge isn’t to eat 3900 calories in a day but it is a food-oriented challenge and one we loved last year, so much so we’re doing it again with great anticipation.

Pick your home Nation and then, each time your team plays a match, cook a meal based on the cuisine of your opponents. Are you playing Scotland? Burns night has passed but draw some inspiration to plate a Scottish meal.

You may look forward to playing France or Italy, who wouldn’t enjoy the cuisine?

Last year the Irish menu we served up was outstanding; on the night Ireland won the game and they also won the culinary challenge.

Will you go as far as creating starter, main and dessert?

Which country’s food will you be most looking forward to trying? Which one will be the most challenging?

Give it a go and make six nations extra memorable.

Oh, and yes of course you can match the meal with drink from the respective nation.

Check the match dates here and get planning: Match Schedule

Here’s some inspiration to get you started:

Playing Scotland? Will ‘neeps and tatties’ make it to the table or something else? Try these for ideas! (We love Cranachan and the Roast loin of pork with black pudding stuffing and cider gravy sounds, wow!)

Playing Italy? Who isn’t looking forward to this challenge! Endless choices and here’s a starter. (Aubergine and chilli tagliolini anyone?)

Playing Wales? Will you try an Oggie?  or use some of these ideas for a Welsh dish? (Last year making Oggies was a delight)

Playing France? Will you get ‘cheffy’ or go for hearty rustic? So many choices!  (Next Level Boeuf Bourgignon on a cold winters day – yes Please!)

Playing Ireland? There’s plenty to excite the taste buds and here’s some ideas from Clodagh McKenna’s website (We’re super excited to dip into this selection again!)

Playing England? How hard is it to find English traditional recipes online! Multi cultural Britain has absorbed cuisines and adopted them so almost anything goes but, here is some guidance to get you going more traditional.

Enjoy the Rugby and enjoy the food!

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