The creators of Parc y Rhath or Roath Park would be very happy in the knowledge that their efforts created a picture perfect Caerdydd, a park for all seasons; 2.3 million people a year make use of it so it must be special..

Discovery of something new and exciting is always enjoyable, Parc Y Rhath is a highlight and should be included in a visit to Cardiff.

Opened in 1894 this Victorian Park is now Grade I Listed and has Green Flag Status as well; ‘Wherever you see a Green Flag, you know you’re visiting an exceptional place with the highest standards.’

The magic of the park is the breadth of facilities it provides from ‘open all day’ recreation ground, ‘the home of Welsh baseball‘, (not at all the same as American Baseball) it also provides football and rugby pitches as well as being a popular area for jogging. Beyond this there is a bowling club within the ‘pleasure gardens’ where tennis and basketball facilities are also found, a wild garden, an ancient pond, Llandennis Oval, and a botanic garden.

Encompassing around one hundred and thirty acres the park was a major accomplishment. For us the gem is the thirty acre Roath Park Lake. Water always has a magical quality and whether it be just a stroll around the edge, an encounter with swans, a moment to admire and read The Scott Memorial or the opportunity to capture the magical light that can bathe this glorious gift with an  ethereal glow, a visit here will provide wonderful memories.

For those who live nearby, the park is an essential and much enjoyed part of everday life, one that is appreciated and treasured.

For us, one of the joys of what we do, of travelling around the country helping people to sell their homes, discovering gems like Parc Y Rhath is so exciting and a treat we may not have gotten to experience otherwise so we give a big thank you to those who asked for our help and gave us the chance to enjoy this exceptional part of Caerdydd.

It is an amazing testament to the vision of a group of Victorians, people whose legacy has provided wonderful benefits ever since.

We hope you get to enjoy it too!

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