Have you ever caught up with someone you haven’t seen in years?

How did it feel? You start chatting, laughing and it’s like you’ve never been apart.

We all have people in our lives like that.

Have you looked at an old school photograph and been reminded of someone who was a ‘best friend’ way back when?

What happened to them? How are they getting on?

Now there are some things to consider here. If this is a friend you have been in contact with, just not recently, it’s easier as the interaction is less complex but do always as yourself: how will this come across?

Once upon a time we would have just said ‘pick up the phone’ and that meant physically ring them.

Nowadays people pick up the phone and then, text, email, message, Whatsapp, tweet, DM but rarely call.

Think about how to open the communication

Explain why your reaching out, why it has been so long, what you hope to achieve and be nice. Don’t get upset if there isn’t an immediate response and do remember that people miss communications that are right in front of them. Emails do disappear in a variety of ways.

The chances are most of us can look at our list of friends and say ‘how has a year managed to go past and we haven’t caught up!’ Who did you tell: ‘it’s been so good catching up, we really mustn’t leave it so long next time’…

Todays Advent Challenge is to go through your address book and ‘Make contact with a friend you haven’t spoken to in ages’.

How to Reconnect With An Old Friend Without Making It Awkward

Do let us know how you get on, share with us on social media (you’ll find links on the right hand side of this page or at the bottom on mobile). We’d love to hear from you, to see some pictures and by all means share ideas for next year. We already have a growing list we couldn’t fit into this challenge.

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