It’s easy to believe Bryan Adams will be 18 ’til he dies. Watch him rock his way through a gig at the O2 and there is no doubt that this is someone who loves his music, performing and the effect his songs have upon such a huge audience.

Looking back in time, ‘Reckless’ is an album that holds a special place in my heart; I have so many memories associated with the time that album was released, 1984/85. Is there a poor track on that album? I don’t think so; remember ‘Run to You’, ‘Heaven’, ‘Kids wanna rock’, ‘Summer of 69’ etc and it featured on the set list in a big way. I was somewhat surprised to hear ‘Run to You’ very early in the night, ‘oh my has he peaked too soon?’ That thought belittles the Bryan Adams song book and I needed have no such concern.

Thirteen albums into his career and the man shows no sign of slowing down or losing his magic touch. When you go to a Bryan Adams gig, firstly,  be prepared for getting your moneys worth, secondly understand that he has too many fabulous songs for you to hear all your favourites. Whatever he plays it will have an impact and I’m still humming tunes from the gig now and I definitely want to go and see him again.

The man has a sense of humour,  pay attention to the stage pre concert and you’ll discover what I mean. He’s a showman; the show is simple in certain ways, lights and a video backdrop yet there is a class to the whole event that belies the leather and denim rocker image you may associate him with.

Listen to the audience sing a whole first verse of a song unbidden and you begin to understand how integral the mans music is in people’s lives, how ingrained it is in their psyche.

There’s something in his lyrics to resonate and appeal to almost everyone. First encounters, love, betrayal, cars and the american dream all get an outing at various points. Sprinkle in some self-deprecating historic video footage and it’s all the more easy to like someone who can comfortably not take himself too seriously, appreciate where he has come from and respect the impact his work has had on fans.

Bryan Adams loves music and he loves for people to love music, that comes across. He has an innate sense of what makes a good song, I guess you’d say his music is full of hooks. How does he do it? I really don’t know but how glad am I that he does and I’m even more grateful that I got to see him live.

This was one of the best gigs I have ever seen and I’ve seen some crackers over the years. It was my second experience of seeing him live and I was even more impressed that the first time back in the nineties. Thirty sings he belted out with a power that rocked the audience to the core, vocals lifted you up soaring like an eagle over mountain valleys and then swooped you down in an exhilarating rush as you were carried after the next lyrical prey. Emotion courses through the auditorium and you can feel the intensity of fans love for their musical hero, adrenaline carries you along and you somehow seem to lose sense of time; all too soon the band step off stage.


If you’re not a Bryan Adams fan; well get along to one of his concerts anyway and you’ll get to see how music should be performed live. If you are a fan already please do everything in your power to see him in concert, you will never regret it! He’s amazing with a band around him but every bit as incredible standing alone on stage belting out hits at the top of his lungs to a rapt audience, that’s when you realise how that gravelly voice and boys own ‘pump a fist at the sky’ songs get inside you, then you realise the real talent harboured inside. Rock anthem or touching ballad he makes them seem personal and intimate, uniquely relevant and inclusive at the same time.

Bryan Adams thank you so much!

Once again I must thank Patsy from The Business Lounge Club for getting us tickets



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