On Friday 6th May 2016 Demelza Hospice, with the Support of Natwest Bank held a black tie event to honour corporate supporters.

Held at the Hilton Dartford Bridge the event was a wonderful showcase for the amazing support this superb charity receives. The passion that the corporate sponsors demonstrate is humbling. What quickly becomes apparent, and I was sat talking to some of the RBS team who came in for a special mention by the way, is that the staff really take the charity and the role of fundraising to heart. The time individuals spend is incredible and has such a positive effect on not just the ability for Demelza to continue doing great work but on the public awareness levels all this fundraising affects.

During the evening we had a keynote speech from Nick Alford, the first man to swim the channel in 2014 and when you hear first hand what that feat involves it seems all the more incredible than you previously imagined.

For an uplifting speech coming out of adversity, listen to Lawrence Cullinane. I defy anyone not to be moved by someone who so bravely stands up in front of strangers and shares such a story of loss. It is a tale that ultimately has such a strong positive narrative and dispels any preconceptions you may have about what a hospice is all about. For those who raise funds for the hospice and for the hospice team members, hearing what a dramatic difference they have made to someones life and the positive memories that have been engendered at such a difficult and sad time must be so rewarding.

I have learnt so much about Demelza since meeting the lovely Leila Ilkhan, one of the Hospices Community Fundraisers.  She and everyone I have so far met who are involved with Demelza exude an enthusiasm and a sense of caring that melts your heart.

I know there are any number of wonderful charities out there and all deserving of your support but, if you haven’t been aware of Demelza Hospice before, please do take a look at their website and learn more about them.

At Graham John we like to say ‘Make Life Special’, at Demelza Hospice they say ‘it’s about life’ and boy do they make a difference!

Thank you Leila and Demelza Hospice for letting me be a part of a wonderful and moving evening.


Find out more about Demelza Hospice on their website.

If you’re interested in building a corporate partnership with Demelza find out more here.

Leila Ilkhan is one of the Community Fundraisers for Demelza Hospice

Find out more about Nick Alford

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