It’s good to know that doing something for yourself can also be doing something special for other people!

We’re quite rightly told and reminded that spending time with nature is great for our souls and also for our health, both physical and mental.

Each year we are all provided with an opportunity to benefit ourselves and, by spending time with nature, we can help the health of others.


By engaging with the National Garden Scheme. It’s a concept that has been around far longer than you may imagine!

This year there are over 3,500 private gardens that will open up to the public on set days and, in so doing, raise money for charity. In 2023 a wonderful £3.4 million was raised from the public enjoying a stroll around a neighbour’s garden. (If you are one of those wonderful people who opened your garden, congratulations and well done!)

Spring is upon us and with the clocks having gone forward, April is a wonderful month to get out and enjoy gardens open near you. Plan a trip and include an NGS garden as part of a day out or weekend away.

Working in one’s garden can bring pleasure; enjoying that garden, the fruit of one’s labour is so good to do. Sharing one’s passion, that hard work and seeing how others enjoy the results is another layer of enjoyment; the joy the visitors receive and ultimately knowing that others’ lives benefit from our joy; can things work much better than that?

We look forward to seeing how well this year’s gardens are attended and the benefit to worthy charities; our April ‘Make Life Special Challenge’ is to enjoy the 2024 National Garden Scheme!

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