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Get a March on for this months challenge!

Posted 29th February 2024
This month we challenge you to join the 20 million visitors, including six million members, who enjoy the wonderfully...

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A New Year, a lost Star and a trip back in time.

Posted 13th February 2024
Darkness embraced us as we stepped away from the lights of Tottenham Court Road. A breeze blew and swirled a crumpled...

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An October ‘Make Life Special’ Challenge

Posted 28th September 2023
Shoe lace or piece of string, which did you use? I can remember the intense concentration of making a hole through...

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A September ‘Make Life Special’ Challenge

Posted 4th September 2023
From Summer Solstice celebrations to Pride Week in Wales, or from Jane Austen Regency Week in Hampshire to the...

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An August ‘Make Life Special’ Challenge

Posted 1st August 2023
August provides a Bank Holiday weekend each year; the date is Monday 28th for 2023 if you are wondering. A long...

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A May ‘Make Life Special’ challenge for you! (2.5 Billion people adore this!)

Posted 28th April 2023
The chances are you unwittingly refer to England's National Sport on a regular basis. Do you ever find yourself...

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Orange blossom, Easter Parades and the magic of Sevilla!

Posted 22nd April 2023
Warm air scented with orange blossom is my favourite memory of Sevilla, the perfume hangs upon the air and envelops...

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10,000 miles of signed paths and routes for walking, wheeling, cycling and exploring outdoors!

Posted 11th April 2023
10,000 miles, that's almost from Sydney Australia to New York. There is a UK wide network of  over 10,000 miles...

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An April ‘Make Life Special’ Challenge for you!

Posted 5th April 2023
We're quite rightly told and reminded that spending time with nature is not only good for our souls but great for...

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