Behind and austere and functional exterior sits a superb collection of planes providing a history of flight through the ages.

Few people will fail to be struck by the contrast between an early Bleriot, from an age where people were still dreaming of whether they could fly at all over any great distance, to the Eurofighter, a technological wonder that dwarfs its predecessor in every aspect.

Taking time to visit this fabulous collection will bring you in touch with the machines that powered people into the skies over generations. All have a tale to tell and taking time to discover more about them will fill many a school project and satisfy quizzical minds.

Wandering through the vast halls you’ll be captivated by the ingenuity of design, the form and function and you’ll touch the stories of those who took to the skies. The World War Two display brings to life the struggle that affected so many. It’s a place to see iconic planes close up and get a sense of what life with them was like.

Find out about the task of recovering Dornier 17 from The Goodwin Sands and experience what a mission in a ‘Flying Porcupine’ might have been like.

Through the year the museum hosts lectures and has events planned so check their website for something of particular interest. The museum is somewhere that swallows time up effortlessly and will make a great day out for a family and anyone with a passing interest in aviation.

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