When people are thinking of selling their attention tends to turn to the question of ‘What will people think of my home?’

The most common discussion that follows is then to do with ‘Staging’ the house for viewers, tidying the garden and making sure the house is attractively fragrant. What people often forget to consider can be equally if not more important and that is, How easy is it to get to the front door?

That may seem like a silly question but imagine how it feels when you are out there on the road yourself heading to a viewing. You may be incredibly well organised and well ahead of time but what about the day that tractor is on the road, you get caught behind the dust cart or the traffic lights decide to fail at that busy junction?

For most people the process of viewing a home is a stressful one, you want to be on time, not only because it’s polite and an appointment has been made but you may have other appointments to go on to. How easy is it to find the property you are viewing? Is the number easily visible? what about if it is a street just of house names, can you find the one you want? Where do you park the car? Can you get on the driveway without scraping the car? There’s a gate, does it open easily, cover someone in green slime or rust, fall off its’ hinges?

Some people may not think these are important issues to consider but trust us, everything counts! Imagine if you can that there is a ‘Home-ometer’ riding on the shoulder of each prospective purchaser. It’s somewhere between halfway and three quarters when an appointment to view is booked.

The journey to the property will have an impact on your homes rating, finding it easily, getting to the front door quickly and safely will all help raise the score from warm to hot. Every negative, each frustration, each obstacle will cool the temperature.

Take a careful look with open eyes at the approach to your home and front door and imagine the impact it will have on prospective viewers, are you raising the interest level or cooling it?

You will get used to hearing a simple mantra from us when it comes to preparing your home for sale; ‘Remove Obstacles and Distractions’.

Next? Through the front door.


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