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Property sold Graham John Estate Agents demonstrates curb appeal

3 easy ways to start selling your house within seconds

Posted 25th June 2021
When selling your house, you want buyers to fall in love with it as soon as they see it.  You want them to visualize...

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What is the real prognosis for the property market post Covid-19?

Posted 14th April 2020
In a world that lives with social media and consumes bitesize chunks of information faster and in larger quantities...

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I love the magic of what we do!

Posted 14th December 2019
It's nearing the end of the year and I'm in a reflective mood, perhaps it's Christmas approaching, perhaps just...

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Property Sales: What do changing numbers mean for you?

Posted 18th November 2019
Within the industry press and in the general media there is an air of doom and gloom about the property market...

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So much to discuss in this Canterbury home!

Posted 16th May 2019
Some homes have so much to offer, such a lot to explain, mere words don't do them justice. This is one such home,...

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The Property Industry is Having the Wrong Debate!

Posted 20th February 2016
I absolutely love my Profession, I'm not so fond of the Industry. I've said that for years and I find myself...

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Ghostly Events: The Haunting of a Young Estate Agent

Posted 1st February 2016
I started my first job during a wet and cold January, many moons ago. I was working in Hythe for Furlongs, an Estate...

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We’re Selling our Home: What’s the most important consideration?

Posted 28th September 2015
It's your home and when you come to sell it a lot of things are bound to be running through your mind. Most...

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Marketing your home: It’s all about you!

Posted 22nd September 2015
At Graham John deciding how best to market someone's home isn't a 'one size fits all' solution. Here Matt explains...

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