The Savoy has a name that epitomises style, class and the uppermost echelons of London Society. Just approaching the entrance raises the adrenaline levels and the sense of anticipation is intoxicating.

The Savoy spoils you at every level, with six restaurants and bars just choosing where to dine and breakfast becomes a pleasurable dilemma, it ensures that you will want to return if only to experience another facet of this wonderful establishment.

Students of exquisite customer service will be watching every aspect of the finely tuned staff in action. Every smile, handshake and orchestrated glide emanating from the well trained employees sets a high bar that few organisations will come close to achieving.

You are at the Savoy and you expect to be treated like royalty, you won’t be disappointed. Just acknowledging the doormen and stepping into the iconic foyer lifts your spirit. Everyone becomes almost classless as the staff elegantly place all upon a virtual pedestal.

We started our visit with drinks in The American Bar before lunching in Gordon Ramsay’s Savoy Grill. Everything works to make a memorable stay and the food needs to be excellent to blend seamlessly with the experience. As you would expect it is. In a matter of moments you seem to relax and it is almost as if you have never been and have no need to be anywhere else.

Time passes at a unique pace within The Savoy, a pace that is personal to each guest. Our weekend however wasn’t just about our stay and after lunch we popped to Covent Garden to while away some memorable time before experiencing the wonderful show that is ‘Wicked’ at the Apollo Victoria Theatre.

Back at The Savoy finally and sleep called. Once again attention to detail permeates all that Is The Savoy Experience and your room leaves nothing uncatered for. If you can think of something then there’s always reception and the concierge desk to come to your rescue.

Morning found us waking lazily after a wonderful nights rest. Getting ready in the morning becomes a little more special in fine surroundings such as these and we will be forever grateful to The Savoy for introducing us to Le Labo, is it wrong to admit I fell for Rose 31?

Breakfast as you would expect was divine. Silver service with tiers of treats to tempt you at every turn. There is nothing in the Savoy that should be rushed.

Sitting at the writing desk in our room I penned a few letters to foreign relatives, The Savoy encourages you to rekindle tradition and re acquaint yourself with pleasures we so easily let slip in the hustle and bustle of the modern world. That time spent writing to special people in my life meant so much more than a hurried email or post on Facebook and it defined for me my time at The Savoy, that desire to savour the unique moments in life, the meaningful pleasures and to Make Life Special.

You an find out more about The Savoy through their website.

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