We hope you have enjoyed a wonderful Christmas break.

New year approaches and we wanted to once again share a different type of message.

Makahiki is the word for New Year in Hawaiian, it has more than one meaning and traditionally referred to the Hawaiian New Year period that stretched across almost four months, the winter period, from November to January/February.

Makahiki was a time for rest for people and the land. War was forbidden in this period and it was a time to strengthen bonds and build new relationships. It marked the change from Harvest time to new planting.

We’d love to offer you a four month new year but we’re not in ancient Hawaii so instead we want to share something else for 2023.

Make Life Special is a key tenet of life for us at Graham John. We like to talk about things we enjoy in the hope that they may inspire you to try something new or just revisit doing something you already love but perhaps don’t find time to indulge in.

We already share some great experiences through our blog and social media. Through 2023 we will be doing more of that, talking about things we find Make Life Special and we hope you will both enjoy them and share some of your favourite things to do with us. We aim to inspire you to make 2023 an amazing year.

If you don’t follow us already please join us in 2023 and together we can Make Life Special

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou (How-oh-lee mah-kah-hee-kee ho) Happy New Year

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