August provides a Bank Holiday weekend each year; the date is Monday 28th for 2023 if you are wondering.

A long weekend tends to inspire people to do something special. With the schools off many are away on holiday so this challenge is one you can enjoy at any time of the month and hopefully more than once.

For this month we wanted to focus on something to make the most of the summer holiday, keep you outside and encourage you to explore new culinary treats.

As much as we love burgers, sausages and hot dogs on a BBQ, there are innumerable delicious dishes that can be cooked outdoors and expand your repertoire. Why not spice up the old favourites by trying a Teriyaki Burger, swap your Lincolnshire Sausages for Boerewors or have a ‘curry wurst‘; this month our challenge is to try something new.

We have a soft spot for Hawaii and if you fancy throwing your own Luau why not try Huli Huli Chicken, a roadside favourite in Hawaii and almost every family there has their own take on this dish.

Kebabs are a perennial favourite for the BBQ and from vegetables to lamb, India to Arabia, there are endless variations to test.

Depending on the BBQ setup you have you may be able to steam, roast or slow cook. Do you have a tripod? You may have a cooking bowl, hanging skillet, a griddle stone, skillet pans, grill trays or a Paella pan!

Whether you have a simple grill, home made set up, a Weber, a Kadai (one of our favourites) or full on outdoor kitchen, it’s time to get creative and try something new.

Invite a few friends over and serve up a paella. (One of our favourite recipes is Baked Spanish Risotto and you can cook it on the BBQ or oven top)

Seek out new side dishes, Hawaiian Coleslaw, salads (potato salad with German sausage is one we often turn to), salsas, dipping sauces. Roast aubergines on the BBQ and make Baba Ganoush. Try a new marinade and, if all of that seems a little too much effort in a busy life, just check out the local shops and look for something already made up, something you might not have tried before.

Breakfast is great when cooked on a barbecue! Give it a go if you haven’t already. Try a Shakshuka recipe if you have a pan to use on your BBQ and do try a Campfire Smoky Bean Brekkie!

Don’t forget dessert! Bananas grilled on dying embers, warmed rum lit and poured over them makes a great spectacle as darkness approaches and tastes wonderful. You can do marshmallows for the kids too.

There’s almost as much joy in researching recipes as there is in enjoying the food so please, do have fun, mind the calories and most of all be safe.


Teriyaki Burger


Curry wurst

Huli Huli Chicken


Baked Spanish Risotto


Hawaiian Coleslaw

Potato Salad with German Sausage


BBQ Rum and Caramel Bananas




Campfire Smoky Bean Brekkie





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