What do A Reubens Ceiling, the birthplace of Queen Victoria, an Irish royal residence, the home of George III and Queen Charlotte, the spectacular baroque palace built for William III and Mary II and an infamous prison all have in common?

They are all cared for by a self funding charity – Historic Royal Palaces.

How many of their six amazing charges have you visited?

Banqueting House in Whitehall celebrated its 400th anniversary in 2022.

Kensington Palace, Queen Victoria’s birthplace, hosts some fabulous exhibitions and is an exciting place to visit time after time.

Royal Hillsborough in Northern Ireland has over 100 acres of gardens.

Hampton Court was not only the baroque palace built for William and Mary, it was home to Henry VIII and hosts many spectacular events through the year.

Kew Palace is the hidden home of George III and Queen Charlotte within Kew gardens.

The Tower of London is so many things, just one being an infamous prison.

These sites are treasure troves of history and architecture. They connect us with the past and help us learn from it and they continue to provide pleasure to millions of people.

Do explore them, visit, enjoy and support a worthy charity and their hard work.

Historic Royal Palaces



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