When you are getting ready to sell your home there will be so many things rushing through your head. Life doesn’t stop just because you choose to make such a massive decision like moving . All the normal pressures still weigh heavy upon you and now there is this massive issue, the challenge of competing with all the other people selling their homes.

Every time you turn on the TV, flip a magazine page or search the internet you will come up against that daunting advice: Prepare your home for selling! Think of Staging your Home! De-Clutter!

How on earth does anyone manage and how do they carry on with life? Will Hermione Granger suddenly pop up wave a wand and mutter some incantation ‘no-dust-iosa’ that will stop dirt from entering the home, the kids from spilling their cereal and the dog from dropping his bone on your newly cleaned carpet? Probably not.

For many people the reality of carrying out the jobs they really want to have happen, the making good of all those little blemishes, will be beyond reach. Possibly financially it will stretch them but for many it will just be that stopping life mid stride, getting everyone out of the house for two weeks to allow the builders in to do the snagging, well it just isn’t going to happen.

Does that mean all hope of selling is dashed? Will the photographer refuse to take pictures, ‘I’m sorry but the camera doesn’t lie, you won’t want that shown on the internet’, are their chances of success to be thrown to the wolves? Of course not!

The key to selling your home, as far as presentation is concerned can come down to little things, things you get in the habit of ignoring and by just stopping in your stride, taking stock and tackling a few of these you can make a positive difference.

If nothing else check if any of these need doing.

Get your windows washed.

Clean nets, curtains and blinds.

Have your carpets professionally cleaned and rugs washed or changed.

Just have another look around to see what those pesky spiders have been up to, back in the corner that you dusted yesterday.

Check your pictures are straight.

Are there a plethora of things attached to your fridge or freezer or any other item.

Is the Hallway clear and easy to navigate when people come in?

Think of first impressions.

Does the front gate need a spruce up, the path need weeding.

Do your doors open freely? A little dab of oil may be needed here and there.

Any squeaky floorboards?

If someone attempts to open a window what will happen?

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to suffer from a leak has it been made good? Water stains on ceilings never help sell a home.

Is there rust around radiators? OK so we’re getting back in the realm of bigger tasks but do stop and take a look.

Sparkling cookers, sinks and bathrooms always send a great message.

Odours, not the thing to be remembered for unless it’s a gentle hint of fresh coffee, newly baked bread or washing off the line (but don’t leave your laundry on display!)

Is the grass cut?

Where are the rubbish bins? Not by the front gate where everyone needs to squeeze round them!

Let your agent know when bin day is, it helps to know if they don’t already.

Make sure parking is easier for your visitors, get your car off the driveway if you have to and make sure the agent doesn’t nab the space you’ve just left for your viewer.

Remove distractions and obstacles.

When viewings are happening don’t have music blaring out or the TV at full pelt.

Try and keep animals, however many legs they have, out of the picture at viewing times.

Some fresh flowers and or fruit can make a big difference. Laying the table can look great.

Make sure the beds are made and stay unoccupied.

Try and relax, a good agent will help smooth the way.


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