I hope those of you who saw me driving round Kent last November, roof down dressed as Biggles, those who waved, smiled, flashed and honked, those who came up and spoke to me, I hope all of you will get to read this and in so doing understand a little more of what it was all for.IMG_5378adjsmal

There are some fabulous charities out there, so many worthy causes and it is hard to know which ones to support. I guess we all choose charities that touch our lives in some way.

On October 12th 2014 I first stood as a visitor in the intensive care room of Kings College Hospital. I never for a moment dreamt I would ever be there and for someone who has a dread of hospitals to be in such a room was more than a little terrifying. My mother had suffered a massive brain haemorrhage that morning. She was whisked to Kings College and I was there to see her in her last moments. My lasting memory of my visits to Kings College over two days will however always be of the amazing staff. The care and compassion they showed to my mother, to myself and my wife were indescribable, wonderful and humbling. My heart and thanks as well as my admiration go out to all those people who, day in and day out, care for people in such terrible moments. I could never do what you do but I am so thankful there are wonderful individuals who can cope with those sights and sounds. How you do it I will never understand and my thanks will be with you forever. Words are never enough so I decided that I would raise a little money for the hospital in a small way of saying thank you.

As an Estate Agent I have spent thirty years working with people to achieve their dreams of changing their life for the better. Selling homes is often about helping people through the best times but also I see people in times of tragedy, of change, of hardship. Sometimes as an estate agent we are trying to act to help people avoid losing everything, to retain a little something. Porchlight is IMG_4004adjsmala charity that works with people who find themselves homeless, helping them to gain their confidence back and to assist them ultimately to find work, to rebuild their lives. Sometimes a home that makes life special isn’t the one you buy it’s the thing you have been without altogether and long for. Seeing how this charity works with individuals is fabulous and to hear the stories of how lives have been changed for the better is wonderful.

Tigers4ever are a charity working in India to help preserve – tigers of course. I love animals and have real fondness for cats of all sizes.  As a child my father brought back a rug for my bedroom that had an image of a majestic tiger on it. My family has various tenuous links with India throughout the years and that tiger image has stuck with me through my life. When I first encountered Tigers4ever and discovered the work they do it seemed like the perfect opportunity to support a cause that had resonance with me.

I hope my exploits through the last two years’ November months have achieved several things. I know they have brought many smiles to people’s faces, I hope they have made people more aware of three fabulous charities and what they do and I hope that some more of you will be kind enough to add a little money to the funds already so wonderfully donated.

IMG_5425Links to donate via everyclick and virgin money are on our charity page here as are links to the charities homepages to see more of what they get up to.

Thank you everyone who gave me encouragement through the month. Special thanks to all of you who kindly made donations and thank you everyone who has just read this far, I appreciate you taking the time to do so as do the three charities I’m supporting.

If you’d like to make a donation to any of the three wonderful charities you can do so here. Thank you!



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