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Egerton: atop the Greensand Ridge

Posted 2nd November 2022
The Greensand Way is a one hundred and eight mile walk that connects Hamstreet in Kent to Haslemere in Surrey. Egerton...

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High Streets: Declining or Evolving?

Posted 12th November 2019
The impending death knell for our High Streets has long been anticipated and is a continual topic for copywriters...

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Dragons on The Medway

Posted 8th September 2016
Define us by our talents, not homelessness. That’s the message from a group of young people competing in this...

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Seattle : Surprises in the Emerald City

Posted 12th July 2016

Mention Seattle and some will instantly think Microsoft or Amazon, others will...

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Celebrating Kent’s Finest Food and Drink

Posted 19th October 2015
It's the evening of Thursday 15th October 2015 and there is a buzz about the room, anticipation of a great meal...

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Tonbridge: Kents best town? Shhh! Don’t tell anyone…

Posted 2nd July 2015
As you wander out of the edge of the sixty nine acre park and along the riverside you could be forgiven a moment...

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Kent’s Largest Farmers Market

Posted 26th June 2015
There is something exquisitely enticing about the thought of visiting a farmers market. If you've travelled abroad...

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Preparing Your Home: Through The Living Room

Posted 12th May 2015
Living Room, Lounge, Sitting Room, Family Room, Parlour... You may have one, all of them or a number in between....

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Kent Life Food Awards with Kent on Sunday

Posted 28th April 2015
Kent has a rich farming heritage and fantastic traditions for food, it is intertwined at every level in the county...

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