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Choosing a Solicitor: Why does it matter?

Posted 29th August 2015
The Chain is something that looms over so many people when selling and no one wants to be the weakest link. Talk...

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Find or Sell: What comes first when moving home?

Posted 20th August 2015
You are not alone if you wonder, what happens if i put my home on the market , go under offer and then can't find...

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How to Sell Your Home: The Graham John Way

Posted 7th July 2015
In the first of our videos we would like to give you an idea of what drives us and why we are different from other...

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Extending My Home – How Much Money will I Make?

Posted 28th May 2015
Through the years we have sat down with so many people who are tackling the dilemma of choosing whether to move...

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When Should I Sell?

Posted 16th May 2015
There are patterns of activity in the property market, times when more property will likely come up for sale, when...

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Buying a Home: The Search

Posted 14th May 2015
The search is on for a new home and you are all excited. You're in front of the computer and thousands of results...

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Preparing Your Home: The Little Things That Matter

Posted 13th May 2015
When you are getting ready to sell your home there will be so many things rushing through your head. Life doesn't...

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Thinking of Buying? Do This First!

Posted 13th May 2015
Buying a new home is an emotional roller coaster ride and can be thrilling, frustrating, confusing and ultimately...

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Preparing your Home: The Bathroom Awaits

Posted 13th May 2015
Bathrooms; possibly the second most important room in the house and incredibly varied in style and décor. What...

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