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Agents Mutual/On The Market: A Knight’s Tale

Posted 23rd February 2016
Firmly placed to champion the cause of the poor downtrodden estate agents of the land, Sir Galahad Springett came...

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The Millennial Work Ethic: Is it really an issue?

Posted 21st February 2016
As our world becomes more connected and a new generation of the workforce seem to be glued to social media it fascinates...

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The Property Industry is Having the Wrong Debate!

Posted 20th February 2016
I absolutely love my Profession, I'm not so fond of the Industry. I've said that for years and I find myself...

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Kent’s Property Hotspots

Posted 16th December 2015
Kent is the ‘Garden of England’ and the apple of many a property buyers eye but where should you cherry pick...

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The ‘Yes, Yes, No’ rule of Home Selling

Posted 29th November 2015
One of the simplest concepts I discuss with my clients is one I have found to hold the truest over the years, a...

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Planning ahead: The Secret of Home Selling Success!

Posted 28th November 2015
The moment of putting your home on the market heralds a burst of activity, it is like a flame roaring into life...

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Moving nightmares: They’re going to get worse for some!

Posted 23rd November 2015
Horrendous, nightmarish, awful, I'm never doing it again! All things that you will have heard from someone who...

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The single most important question to ask when choosing an estate agent!

Posted 2nd November 2015
During the thirty years I have been in Estate Agency there has been a common industry trend that frustrates me;...

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We’re Selling our Home: What’s the most important consideration?

Posted 28th September 2015
It's your home and when you come to sell it a lot of things are bound to be running through your mind. Most...

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