Meopham has the distinction of being ‘the longest village in England’.

It’s not an accolade you may expect or one you would necessarily think to look for but some enterprising person spotted the fact and delightfully chose to make the world aware of it and why shouldn’t they.

The uniqueness of geography and parish boundary combined means that Meopham has four greens and much to discover. We’ve added links below to help you find more about the village and for a quick synopsis let’s start with a very important past time, Cricket.

Cricket has been played upon Meopham Green since 1778, appropriately the Cricketers Inn watches over the green whilst The Pavilion is home to the cricket club. A restaurant, The Kings Arms provides another dining option and across the road rises the outline of the Grade II Listed windmill; built around 1820 this six sided ‘smock mill’ is home to the Parish Council.

Within its boundaries there are some excellent schools, primary, secondary and The National Autistic Society Helen Allison School. Other schools are also to be found without travelling too far.

Something for you oenophiles: Meopham Valley Vineyard was established in 1991, its vines grace the slopes on the edge of the village, a short walk from Meopham Green (arrange visits in advance).

North of Meopham is Gravesend and the A2/M2. Southwards you head toward Tonbridge with the A20/M20 in between. It’s only when you take time to look closely at the variety of places you can access, the things you can do and the ease with which you can reach them, Meopham train station to London Victoria averages around 48 minutes, a simple period of discovery shows why so many love this part of the county.

In such a long village there is much more on offer than we can or should mention, half the fun is finding things you hadn’t expected.

Sat amidst glorious Kent countryside Meopham has always surprised people with its community, many never stray from the area and, with access so easy from here to so much you wish to do, this is a great location to settle.

The Cricketers Inn

Meopham Cricket Club

Meophams Award Winning WInes

Meopham Community Academy

Meopham School

National Autistic Society, The Helen Allison School

Meopham Parish Council

Meopham Village Local Events

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