A bright August Sunday morning found us making our way to the Norfolk based race track at Snetterton.

It was a first time trip for most of us although one of our number was rather more acquainted with the site having raced there a number of times. Arriving around 9:00am we quickly found a spot from which to view the upcoming events, a packed race card with single seaters of the MSA Formula Championship, Ginetta GT Supercup, Porsche Carrera Cup GB,  British Touring Car Challenge and Ginetta Junior Championship lay ahead.

IMG_1519 whoopsIt didn’t take long for the action to get started and cars to come flying around and off the  track.

We were stood looking down toward the Bombhole and half the fun of the day was wondering if all the cars would make it around the bend to the small straight in front of you, many went skittering down the run off to re emerge post shortcut back on the track.

Watching motorsport on TV can be great from the point of being able to follow cars round all or pretty much all of the track but there really is nothing quite like the sound of cars heading your way, engines screaming like angry hornets before hoving into view and then hitting the brakes for the bend, vying for the best racing line, barely a millimetre between them before flooring it and screaming off down to the next pinch point.

All the various races brought something different to the day and there wasn’t a bad race in sight, hats off to each and every one of the drivers for providing thrills galore.

IMG_1794 smokerThe best racing of the day? Everyone will pick something slightly different but the Porsches were something special. Seeing GT3’s lock up in front of you, smoke pouring off tyres before rounding the corner and then watching their back ends dig down into the tarmac as accelerator pedal hits the floor, power courses through drivetrain and the car launches itself towards the next challenge; that really hits the spot!IMG_1460smaller

No one can deny the thrill of the British Touring Car Challenge either, wow those guys are almost glued to each other as they head round the track, stiff chassis’ clipping kerbs throws cars up onto two wheels and I’d still love to know how they get round at the speed they do like that, when everything must be screaming ‘steer out of it and IMG_2173 up up and aget all four wheels on the ground’, absolutely captivating driving.

If you haven’t seen Ginettas racing go and see them, great looking cars and thrilling contests. The Ginetta Juniors seem to have torn the word ‘fear’ completely out of their dictionary and myIMG_2926 ginetta 1 do they go for it round that track. They are every bit as much fun to watch as the single seat MSA Formula Racing.

The weekend of 8th and 9th August, we saw the Sunday racing on the 9th, made for a thrilling day out at a great venue.

If you get the chance we’d recommend you go, we will be again.


IMG_1340 dust up IMG_1913 IMG_1126 msv IMG_2031 drivers

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