November seems to have morphed into Movember in recent years and admirably many people have been striving in fun ways to promote awareness of mens health issues, Prostate Cancer, Testicular cancer and Mental Health issues. Being a ‘Man’ can be costly when it means shunning warning signs and not going to the Doctor soon enough. According to Cancer UK’s website, Prostate cancer is the 4th most common cause of cancer death in the UK (2012), accounting for around 7% of all deaths from cancer and is the second most common cause of cancer death among men in the UK (2012), accounting for 13% of all male deaths from cancer. 

In 2012, there were 10,837 deaths from prostate cancer in the UK

One Kent man decided to add his voice to the cause and help raise awareness. Out on the Kent roads you may have seen Mattacheo Movalari, some followed his exploits on twitter @Movolari as he endeavoured to drive as many miles possible with the roof down for as many days as he could in November; not just roof down but dressed in flying helmet, goggles, and with white scarf whipping in the wind!

You guessed it, it was Matt! He is a compulsive convertible driver and has been since his late teens (a long time ago now) and forays with MG’s. He once spent three months driving an MG Midget around Europe and after that, well ‘Roofs are great on houses and that’s where they should stay!’ he loves to say.

You’ll find him de icing the car in winter time in order to get the roof down. The temperature once reached a chilling -10 degrees Centigrade a few winters ago, midway through a drive to work, at least this November his ears were warm in that flying helmet!

It’s all a bit of fun but with a serious purpose behind it. Just to get people talking about health issues is important, even better will be to raise some money for cancer research and health care. Find out more about Movember at and if Matt’s, sorry Movolari’s exploits make you want to give a little money for a great cause then please make a donation online via

You can instead choose to help support the amazing people at Kings College Hospital and you can donate via the Just Giving page

Alternatively, if you would like to help save wild #tigers in India then please support @Tigers4EverCTS you can donate via

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