Now why on earth is he talking about wardrobes I am sure you are asking? Why indeed?

Read on and all will become clear.

When did you last buy a wardrobe? It’s not something you do every day is it.

When the time comes you suddenly realise that there is so much to consider. The look that appeals to you,size to fit what you need, you have a budget you must work with, it needs to be available for when you want it. 

Then begins the task of searching out the right wardrobe. You’ll probably start on the internet, put in a few random search criteria and then you’ll begin to get a plethora of results. You start skimming down, click on a few to look more closely. They may look good, they may not, it’s strange that so many have insipid photos or don’t really give you the information you want, why don’t more companies care about presentation? Some look good at first but you quickly realise that there are flaws with them. You save links to a few that look really interesting so you can find them again then you change the search criteria and a whole new set show up.

After a little while you decide you really need to view a few in person so off you hop to examine some. That can be a strange experience in itself. Trying to find the store isn’t always as easy as you imagined. It’s not always open at a convenient time or you turn up but you’re in a rush for time and the kids are fractious so you don’t really look at it properly. How does it feel when you ask the shop assistant some questions but they can’t really answer them?

You know you desperately want a wardrobe but the one you really like is always a little more than you actually want to spend. Then you have to think about approaching the bank to borrow the money for it. You’re not sure who to approach and at the back of your mind you don’t want to run the risk that they may so no and you don’t get your dream wardrobe. But eventually you take the plunge and make the decision to buy one. Then you have to decide if you’re going to try and get a little off the price. When you’re thinking about doing that one thing you probably won’t do is ask for a discount based on the cost of what it will take to fill the wardrobe up.

You’ve probably already got some things to put in it, you’ll buy a few new things especially for your new wardrobe and of course friends and family will give you a few presents to put in there. It’ll soon be full and one day you’ll need a bigger one, but we’re not there yet.

Can you imagine asking the shop assistant for a reduction based on the cost of filling that wardrobe up? Please don’t try it!

I don’t sell wardrobes; well you might argue i sell the odd built in wardrobe, they come with a house attached.

What is different about selling a house? Nowadays people do seem to expect the seller to pay for furnishing their new home. Is that really the sellers issue?

I regularly hear;

‘The carpets aren’t to my taste, I’ll need to replace them’. ‘What will it cost to put in new curtains?’

‘I know the kitchen is modern but it’s really not us we’ll have to change it straight away!’

‘The bathroom just wasn’t any good for us we need a new suite!’

‘We’ll have so much to spend on the garden’.

‘It’s all going to cost so much so we need them to reduce their price’.

I understand that people want their new home to be perfect; we live in a world today where we don’t have to wait for many things. Download music instantly, TV on demand, go online and order something to be delivered in 24 hours.

That’s all great but actually living in a home is something that needs thought. Spend a little time in a property and you’ll be amazed about what you discover. How you use space, where the light is, what you want to have in certain rooms, it can all change over time.

There’s also, and here is where I show my age, a real pleasure in saving up for something. Anticipation and finally reaching that point where what you have planned and hoped for is realised is a wonderful thing, savour the process and enjoy the finished result. Ever heard the phrase ‘act in haste; repent at leisure!’.

In the meantime, when it comes to negotiating for your new home, please remember there are some things that don’t add value when you spend money putting them in your home.

You won’t want to reduce your price when you sell because the carpets that have served you so well are no longer fashionable, the curtains you leave behind match the furniture that is departing with you and your garden may not be to the new owners taste.

The person you want to buy from is probably feeling the same way about their furnishings; interior design is personal and you will make a home for yourself.

There are any number of valid reasons to negotiate a price, talk sensibly with the agent and get them to put those points across to their client.

One thing I would really suggest you don’t do is start quoting figures to the estate agent from online price calculators and reel off lists of what has sold in the local area. If you want a reason why have a read of my article on the Perfect Valuation Equation

Buying a new wardrobe is an exciting thing, not to be entered into lightly and if you get it right there will be a noticeable benefit to your life. Just like buying a house. Enjoy both the process and the end result and take time to savour it.

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