Bedrooms, often a topic of humour especially where teenagers are concerned. How important is the presentation when you are trying to sell your home?

Most viewers, by the time they reach the bedrooms, have probably already decided if your home is for them or not. If that is the case does it really matter how they look?

Yes because ultimately everything matters and bedrooms are important. We may not spend all our lives in them but we still want them to be special.

Everyone loves a little frivolous space and a cramped bedroom can be off putting. We all lead busy lives, we all accumulate things that we struggle to find places for and often our bedrooms become the museums of those items.

It’s nice to see space to walk around a bed. If you have a particularly large bed for the room just think about the linen, have you got something that lays flatter and hugs the bed shape better rather than adding another eight inches (in old fashioned money) of floor space. Where does the laundry tend to sit, that pile of books you mean to read, the shoes that don’t fit in the cupboard, any manner of things find their way onto a bedroom floor and take root. Remove distractions and obstacles. It’s nice to see the surface of a chest of drawers or vanity table. Bedside tables look best without too much clutter and check the bulbs work on lights in the room.

When you open the door to the bedroom is there resistance from sixteen layers of dressing gowns pressing against a wall or wardrobe? Remove distractions and obstacles. People will want to look in wardrobes so that isn’t, unfortunately, the place to throw everything you have suddenly decided to move as you de clutter. Trying to extricate a buyer from under the cupboard contents might make for a good dinner table story but it rarely results in a sale.

Now as with everything you can’t please everyone and this is your home, you still live here, for the moment.

If you have a cute cot room, an artistic teenagers room or just very strong colour choices then the thing to do is talk to your agent about the potential clients they feel will be coming to view. Children play a big part in choosing a home these days and some bedrooms capture kids hearts. There can be exceptions to the rule, remove distractions, take advice.

One of the most common questions we receive is about Bedrooms that have become Studies and Offices. What should you do? Do they need a bed in them?

Take advice from your agent in each case. The general rule of thumb is people find it much easier to picture a room if it is dressed for purpose and seeing a bed in a bedroom does wonders for helping visualisation. However, more and more people work from home and the thought of trying to fit a bed in when it will swamp what little space remains or to disrupt your working life by dismantling the office can be impractical and unnecessary. Think about the audience. If you live in a typical family home near a sought after school then the chances are your audience will be families with children, have you turned a three bedroom home into two suddenly? Ask your agent for their advice. If the target audience are home workers with kids your agent will match your home to their needs.

And just a parting word on the stereotypical teenagers room, daylight and fresh air can be a bedrooms best friend but then you already know that; good luck with the kids.

Next? The bathroom awaits

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