Bathrooms; possibly the second most important room in the house and incredibly varied in style and décor.

What are the things to consider when preparing for marketing. Well, as with all things home related, you won’t please everyone.

Fashions come and go and bathroom décor has become incredibly personal especially in recent years. Gleaming marble tiles wow some whilst shabby chic lures others.

The one common denominator is of course cleanliness, not just of the sanitary ware but of the whole room. It’s time to deal with that stain from the pipe leak, the one you had left to dry properly before treating how long ago?

The chances are you have tiles if only as splash backs, what tale does your grout tell? The biggest bane of bathrooms when the time to sell approaches are chips and cracks in tiles. If you are baulking at repairing or most likely replacing because of cost you can be sure that people viewing your home will be thinking the same thing. No one minds choosing to make a change, many dislike the thought of moving in and having to do something.

Are you in a hard water area and without a water softener? Ensuring shower screens and cubicles sparkle like new is a real benefit, nothing looks so wonderful as a glistening bathroom. Check that lights work, that spotlight surrounds are clear not only of cobwebs but of tarnish and stray paint marks.

Has a dripping tap stained the sink or bath, what type of basin plug do you have, is it one that used to be attached to the dangling chain that hangs in the water each morning?

These may seem like silly little things and individually some are, put them all together and you have the difference between Wow! and Oh No!

We shouldn’t need to mention it but replace taps that drip before you market your home and on the day of viewings, gentlemen of the house, please put the seat and lid down, you know what we mean.

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